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Trade mark infringement is happening all the time.


People think they can start trading under any name they like.  They assume that by registering a business name they have satisfied the demands of the law.  They do not consult the trade mark register or are not aware that they cannot use a mark which is deceptively similar to a registered mark.

Foreign companies entering Australia often do not want to undergo the expense of a clearance search in addition to the cost of an application in Australia.  Consequently, many applications are filed by foreign companies which conflict with prior registrations in Australia.

Visimark® automated trade mark monitoring software can be used to identify new trade mark applications which conflict with prior registrations.  The conflicting applications are identified by Visimark as soon as they are indexed on the Trade Marks Office website.  Action can be taken to stop infringement at an early stage.  Cease and desist notices can be sent.  Customs can block the import of infringing items.

The software has been used to identify and resolve thousands of cases of infringement.

Visimark is free for all clients of Stellar Law, the exclusive licensee of the patented technology.


For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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Automated Trade Mark Monitoring

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