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Stellar Law specializes in intellectual property law, including the law relating to patents, trade marks, registered designs, copyright, contracts and litigation. 


Our team comprises lawyers, trade mark attorneys and patent attorneys.  Our patent attorneys are not merely scientists, but also inventors and entrepreneurs that have been through the commercialization process with their own technology.  This helps us understand the hurdles you face and guide you on how to get your product to market.  We can advise you from personal experience and not just theory.

Our offices are in Sydney, New South Wales and Surfers Paradise, Queensland.

Meet our CEO

Steve Davey founded Stellar Law in 2017.  He a patent attorney, trade mark attorney, lawyer, physicist, and inventor.

He has a Masters Degree in Law and Bachelor of Science Degree (majoring in Astrophysics).  He has been practising as a lawyer since 2006.

He has filed over 2,500 trade mark applications and over 700 patent applications.

In 2012, he patented his own software for automated trade mark monitoring called "Visimark" (see


He commercialised the software and used the profits to start Stellar Law, along with a cloning company called Reinclonation Pty Ltd (which was acquired by a billionaire in 2018).

Here's what some of our clients have had to say:

Joshua Watson

Reg-owed Pty Ltd

When I first needed a lawyer recommendation I began phoning every possible company I could find until Steve Davey came across my desk. 


Steve has been absolutely wonderful in every aspect. He made sure that every move that was made for my company was done accurately.


He completed my trade mark and completed the provisional patent application which in fact was the most important document securing my companies protection from any possible threat. 


Steve continues to call me out of his own time just to check in to make sure everything is going well with the company. Now this type of service just doesn't happen nearly at all. 


Steve is a rare and extremely caring professional lawyer and I would highly suggest that if you require one to look no further than Stellar Law. 


I look forward to what the future holds for my company and knowing Steve is always a phone call away for any advice that's needed. 

Pip Clark

Jeeerks Pty Ltd

I reached out to Stellar IP Law with regards to a trade mark Infringement case and my oh my what service did I receive?

OUTSTANDING!! 10/10 all round!!

Firstly, I contacted the director of the company Steve Davey on his mobile one Monday morning, very early and out of hours, and left a message.  Instantly I received a returned call even though he was over in Seattle at the time on a work trip.  Already I was impressed by the response rate to my case not to mention the time he took discussing my current circumstances and the clear, concise course of action that was required, although being very busy Steve immediately put my case into action.

I was then passed over to my case Manager, Frank Pappas and again was impressed by the prompt follow up and immediate action with regards to my case.  Frank is not only a highly experienced Trade Mark Attorney but also a true professional who actually cares and has the time and patience to clearly explain every step in the process.  He also loves going through paperwork and documentation and he has excellent attention to detail.  Given the state of my files I was astounded by the way he sifted through pages and pages of documentation and successfully put a supporting case together to defend my company.

I could sit here and write paragraphs and paragraphs praising their services and could not highly recommend them enough, so if you are seeking IP legal advice look no further than Stellar IP Law!!

Angela-Rose Mangano

Viva La Tortuga

Working with Steve has been extremely helpful.  Steve is very knowledgeable, has an eye for detail, efficient and a pure pleasure to work with!  He has been particularly helpful in the area of working with Amazon, trademarks and patents.  Thank you Steve for all your hard work and for assisting to put my mind at ease with workable solutions

I would like to personally thank you [Steve] for your assistance with the Verifai patent.  Normally, other than meetings, I have always worked at arm’s length from the attorney undertaking the  application.  Your method of working [together online] certainly made the job so much easier and much quicker to achieve a result.  It was fast and efficient.

Sebastian Waddell

Fydoo Pty Ltd

Best Decision Ever

Right from the moment I spoke with Steve he was open, honest, clear in explaining things & most importantly had a genuine care to help me. 

I had spoken with a heap of Lawyers prior to Steve & I just felt they were out to take money from me, with no real desire to help. 

Steve is definitely not that Lawyer & I highly recommend using him for any of your legal jobs. 

Steve was super efficient & dumbed down the legal lingo so that I could understand what was needed & being written. 

I will absolutely be recommending him to everyone & using him for all of my future work.

Dr Geoff Edwards

Applied Resolution Technologies

Wow, we had the great idea and were referred to Stellar Law by some other legal colleagues.  That was Friday.  By Sunday night, our Provisional patent was done, Monday morning we did a few brief edits, lodged by lunchtime.  Gave Steve 11/10 in a back reference to the lawyers who recommended him.  I’ve lodged a few Patents in years gone by, but never had such a professional experience as what has just happened, even done 100% remotely during COVID19 lockdowns.  Thanks Steve and Stellar Law for such great service.  Now we can get on with what we need to do with the products and applications.  Wow!!

First read through and it's looking pretty darn good. Well done you too. :) Steve, testimony to your capability and style: Earle mentioned that it was very easy to work with you, and he found the whole process to be very straightforward and efficient. Good on you!

Louis Abdilla

Secure Forte Pty Ltd

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Steve Davey on our Patent. Having worked with other Patent lawyers over the years and finding it a complicated process to complete, Steve was able to understand our idea and put the concept into words in a short time frame. The whole process from start to submitting the Patent was an enjoyable one, and I highly recommend Steve to anyone who wishes to apply for a Patent. 

Sigourney Weldon

Wild Grace Performance Pty Ltd

I’m really grateful for Steve’s work. Starting up my new business and putting in place all of the foundational processes and law contracts felt really effortless working with him. I was drawn to Steve because of the confidence and expertise I felt from him as a trademark and patent attorney, which proved right. He is knowledgeable as well as efficient and reliable. I highly recommend working with Steve.

Asha Martin

My company engaged Steve Davey to write and submit our provisional patent application for software we have created. The work was concise and his level of expertise was brilliant. Steve's knowledge base was second to none. My Co founder and I feel confident that the advice we received and the work completed was well worth the money we paid. We will be using him again. I highly recommended Steve Davey. Many thanks for everything you have done for us.  Our website can be accessed at 

Bryony Mikita

Clear Out Vacating Services Pty Ltd

I had great pleasure telling lawyers who were doing other work for us that Steve was able to complete the work after they said it was not possible. We will be using Steve in the future and will be telling our old lawyers we won't be using them anymore as I have outsourced someone who was better priced! He was a pleasure to deal with and he made the process easy.

Kevin Perdigues

Swap Kitchen Order Pty Ltd

It has been a pleasure to work with Steve on my patent application. He is extremely efficient, detail-oriented, attentive, available and experienced.  I highly recommended him.

Evan Wong

Checkbox Technology Pty Ltd

Steve is no doubt an expert in the space. Working with him has been stress-free, efficient, and his clear and transparent communication style gives me trust and confidence when working with him.

Fiona Fornasari

Fitness Trainer

Great experience, easy to work and knowledgable

Steve has been great to work with and will be hiring him to continue with other facets of my project needs (patent). Genuinely cares about your project, asks questions and gives straight forward and informative responses and is just really easy to talk with.

Villu Pavelts

Lasvet Patent Attorneys, Estonia

I am very satisfied with your service and that I have a reliable and efficient colleague in Australia (and New Zealand).

Jackson Hunter

DJ, Producer, Artist

Superb Experience.  Form start to finish Steve was professional and went over and above to get it across the line.  Very responsive, very easy to deal with.  Highly recommend!

Tracey & Scott Wilson

We were recently faced with a situation where another business owner had breached our trademark and was expanding nationally with his business.


We engaged the services of Steve Davey to advise on the situation and are very glad we did! Steve was quick to respond and provided clear, succinct, expert advice and took decisive action on the matter. We ultimately decided that a settlement was the best outcome and reached agreement for a very satisfactory sum.


The other party commented that he wished he’d had Steve on his side!

We highly recommend Steve for IP-related legal issues.

Jason Satltler


I found Steve to be excellent to work with in drafting my provisional patent as he friendly and easy to communicate with. Steve was able to quickly and thoroughly understand the all the elements of my invention and then organize them into a logical, easy to understand and well written provisional patent application.

Ian Lewis

Steve assisted us select our Angel Key Publications company name.  What impressed us most about Steve was not only his professional manner. His attention to detail and fast response to our questions on an ongoing basis gave us much peace of mind. The cost was more than reasonable too.  Steve Davey cared about us every step of the way.

Julie Lovisa

Vibing Pty Ltd

Steve is extremely sharp, knowledgeable and personable.  I'll always be in need of a top-gun attorney, so he'll never be rid of me!

Mal Curtis

WA Panels Pty Ltd

Thank you so much for having Steve control my patent I have no experience in this area but he was everything you promised a very smart switched on individual that made the whole process educating and enjoyable. I could not have dreamed to have had all that work done so quickly. Please pass on my praise...

Rachel Dorig

WA Panels Pty Ltd

I have read the attached Description for the Provisional Application twice and have once again realised what a fantastic job you did.  It is written very, very well and I feel proud and confident to now present this to the people in my upcoming presentation.

Michael Downing

Downing IP Limited

Steve has provided me with prompt and reliable advice on Australian trade marks for some years now. We now routinely direct such queries in his direction with the confidence that his reply will be clear, useful - and right!

Mark Chen

No.97 Pty Ltd

Your assistance and expertise has been very much appreciated.

Software developed by a legal eagle with a scientific bent is winning custom for specialist patent and trade mark law firm... The software safeguards intellectual property by notifying the law firm of any trademark application in conflict with a trademark held by a client. The intellectual property has been developed and patented by Steve Davey, who studied astrophysics and law, and took on management of ....

Trevor Powell

Impacts Solar (Impact Building Systems Pty Ltd)

I am very impressed. That represents a significant effort of understanding and research to have pulled this document together so quickly, and in fact with such accuracy. I’m particularly impressed that you brought together the prior art so effectively… and with full drawing details, from such limited briefing material.  Well done.

Yoshinori Sakuno


Dear Steve, First of all, thank you so much for preparing this document quickly and accurately. I think this document capture my intentions and invention very well.

James Downey

Unisearch Limited

And I mean this in the nicest possibIe way ............- you are a freak!!  AMAZING job on the MALDISC draft Provisional. (Or should I say draft thesis]

Peter Zlatar

ASP Access Floors Pty Ltd

Dear Steve, as I said to you the other week, you should be working with us...

Dr Deep Sen

University of New South Wales

Your edited version [of my patent specification] did an excellent job of capturing the invention.

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